Family Ministry

First Simple Church is here to strengthen family and relationships.  We use the biblical model to accomplish that goal.

Is there a difference between a family in which everyone is a Christian and a Christian family? Yes. It takes more than every family member being a born-again Christian to make a Christian family. A Christian family is a family where relationships with each other are patterned after the way God communicates and relates to His children. It is a place where truth is lived out, not merely talked about.

In a healthy family, the parents provide an observable model of what it means to be made in God’s image. Family is where we learn:

  • The importance of a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ
  • What it means to be a man or woman
  • How to relate intimately to another person
  • How to form strong, lasting commitments
  • How to acknowledge and express emotions
  • How to have constructive conflict
  • How to have physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries
  • How to communicate
  • How to cope and survive life’s problems
  • How to be self-disciplined
  • How to appreciate oneself and love others.

A healthy family provides an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and positive opportunities for growth, that includes helping each person to come to a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of God and Jesus Christ, and a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of himself/herself as a unique person made in the image of God. It is a family in which biblical truth is both taught and caught.

First Simple Church is here to teach, guide, and support families as they grow together in Christian maturity as a family unit.  We integrate all family members into the ministry with each serving a unique function using their God-given gifts.  For more information please contact us at